Saar. 24. Travels. Writes. Does that make her a travel-writer? Not just yet. Loves to bring all her beloved ones, earthly and heavenly creatures, along on her trip. Will try to do so by dropping notes, posting pictures, videos, writing stories. A.k.a.: sharing her experiences. Don't feel like reading from a screen? Just wait for the book to get published! (*Wishful thinking*)

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A little over a week ago, my head started spinning. Spinning with and around future dreams and wishes.

I asked myself: What are your biggest passions, Saar?

And answered: Yoga, Travel, Nutrition and Writing.

In that order?

I’m not quite sure.

I asked myself: Who would you like to work with? Who could benefit from your expertise, who are you able to serve?

I painted a picture in my head.

To be able to combine my passions, into a life that will be lived to its fullest, is about as rich as a can of full-fat coconut milk. (Right?)

Does it ever frighten me, to chase my dreams?

Hell yes.

Does that stop me?

Not entirely. I might tackle myself along the way, at times. But continue to rise up, ask for support, ask people to keep me accountable. I share my ideas and projects, like writing ‘that e-book’, as a way to make it happen. There is no return, failure is not an option.

Try, try, try. And amaze yourself.

It is pretty darn awesome to have people say they would love to work with you once you’re graduated - and, when they turn out to be a right fit, I can’t wait to get cracking to help all of you live a life of TRYing. Try new things, stretch yourself a little further than you thought you were able to, surprise and love yourself.

I painted a picture in my head, with pencil lines. Some edges might get erased, but it won’t be long before my clients fill them in with colours. For dreams to become reality, for lives to become more vibrant.

Life beyond school - a dream to become true.

Looking ahead

Hi guys,

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed blogging about my experiences, my views, my dreams, my thoughts. At times it seems unbelievable that I used to blog so frequently, while traveling around the globe, and shared my thoughts and emotions in such an open and honest way.

With just four months of classes, and one (or hopefully more) co-op placement(s) after, it is time to slowly look ahead again. To rekindle this fire, my love of writing, and to use it to my best ability to inspire others and share the knowledge that I have gained over the last months.

To talk about having the travel itchies; the urge to attend a yoga teacher training after graduation at IHN, the want to explore, the desire to work with clients and support them on their path to health..

I’m busy making vision boards, setting goals, visualizing this beautiful future of mine - and trust you’ll be part of it. So stay put, I shall not remain quiet as long as I have!

Love and light,


July 5 - 25(!) - Birthday Dreaming

Last year, I celebrated my Birthday in my favourite spot of all times - Bangkok. I went to Bikram yoga in the morning, and had a lovely day strolling around after. Just me, myself, and The City. I looked around and could see - and feel - just how far I had come. 24 years old and capable of being happy, in the present, sitting with myself.

I had no idea of things yet to come, how I’d fall in love and move to Canada. How I’d spend another Birthday ‘away from home’. Or will I? I’ve found a new home, as I already have so many. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll be crazy and book a cheap single way ticket and surprise my mum with a visit on my birthday, or that I will spend it with the boy - the first one we’ll be celebrating together.

But wherever I will be, wishes I shall have. And share. So…read along (and don’t be afraid to put some coins in my paypal account if you’ve been ejoying this blog over the last year and 3/4) Any contribution is warmly welcomed and will be used in my journey towards becoming a holistic nutrition coach. YAY! :) )

refurbished dehydrator

After my visit to the Raw Vegan Festival in Toronto, I am convinced. I. Want. One. Of. These. (And a refurbished model isn’t even all that expensive!)


I might have bought the king of all juicers, but what is a (raw) vegan kitchen without the queen of all blenders?


With power-/superfoods, you can never go wrong. (ha) (A gallon of coconut oil? Sounds great to me! Pound of raw cacao nibs, dito.)

I just might pick up the new hobby of crafting raw chocolates - will you surprise me with some funny molds?

Oh, the power of sprouts. I won’t need to write a book on it. But I’d surely like to have a stock of seeds and a sprouter in my ‘new’ kitchen*.

I’ve been keeping track of Groupon and other Daily Deal pages for a while now; when will they offer a cool introductionary DSLR course in the area? I want to dust of my camera and learn more about taking pretty shots! (A course in food photography would be cool too, eh?)

It is nice to have wishes - even if it means working my ass of next to attending classes at IHN to buy these things myself.

I don’t need to see them granted, because so many of my wishes already have been fulfilled over the last 1.5 years - I had never expected things to turn around like this. Me, both feet on the ground, in touch with my passion(s). Do I/we need a greater gift than that?

*yet to be found, as well as ‘new’ house.

Change - or some solutions for the rest of the year

“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” -Bob Proctor
I must admit it takes more energy to settle in over here than I had expected - living together, a different society, not moving around as much as I’d gotten used to… It has made me feel like I was not moving forward anymore.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” -Deepak Chopra
But, after the previous months here - in Canada - I can see and say that I have learned and discovered a lot. About the direction I want to follow, the things I want to achieve in life, and - very important- how to. I have been confronted with myself more than I maybe would have liked, but I’m sure it’s all for the better. Knowing yourself is important, to find balance within, to be able to help others achieve the same.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb
There were moments of re-living events from the past, especially during the juice-feast I did, which hurt but also made me grow. The years and the distance, help me to see clearer. I am not who I was, I can be whoever I want to be. And I’m not far from that person. I have the power to push myself and achieve the things I want to, if I really want to..

“Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” -Henry van Dyke
There are so many things I enjoy doing - or would love to put more attention to, yet during the last period of time I felt like I got stuck. There were too many others out there, doing similar things. Others whose lights were shining so bright, I could not see my own flame get stronger. Until I decided to ‘be a student for a day’ at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and felt passion shooting through every cell of my body - calling me towards the fire, towards the spot where you know you need to be. To find comfort, to find home, to find your calling.

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” -Walter Anderson
Step two was a visit to the Raw Vegan Festival in Toronto, this weekend. I got to meet so many graduates - and current students - from the IHN, as well as others who health and nutrition and want to share this with the world around them. I loved discovering the possibilities; how well being a Holistic Nutrition Coach would supplement teaching yoga for example, and how I would love to write and combine the two. (And NO, I would not mind travelling while working/doing so! 3 x ultimate passion equals an endless raw cacao-kick!)

"You can find change in the couch, but not on the couch" - T.Whitley
After talking to a faculty-member of IHN and firing some ‘final questions’ at her, I am more than convinced. I want to go back to school in September - after my trip to Europe. I want to go and live in Toronto (HELP I NEED A PLACE TO LIVE!), discover the city, connect to like-minded people, be able to attend more cultural events and report about them for

I will be turning 25 (what!!! How did that happen?!!) next month, and feel like making a list (which stays open to additions) of ‘solutions’ for this new year of vibrant life. While I am 25 I want to:

Discover Berlin (and visit Regina Spektor’s concert - if if if. Depending on when I will be in Europe).

Work on my writing (and earn dollars that way, so that I can eat and live and study, although I would not mind working for free and use my work for portfolio use - for now).

Find the funds to buy a dehydrator (and, if ever possible, a powerful blender like the Vitamix/Omega/Blendtec), experiment with it and perhaps try to create yummy goodies people would actually want to buy and devour.

Set up a blog, which combines all the things I love (and will make my readers fall for it too) - including a store offering e-books and my own apparel.

Become a certified (hot) yoga teacher.

Try to make that much juice, I’ll turn green.

Create beautiful memories with my <3

How can this be called change though - I’m just unleashing what has wanted to come out of me for so long!

I miss you

Hi Tumblry Tumblr people, It’s been months since I’ve written something over here. And I miss it. I might just need to come back, no? Xx

When was the last time you told the people that you love how much you care about them?

Do you need time to think about this question? Hush! Set out and tell them, right now!

Anonymous asked
Hi Saar, My name is Claire and I thought I would get in touch after reading your blog. We are launching a free Expat Ladies Magazine shortly and I am just in the process of shortlisting the contributors. I found your articles really entertaining to read and wondered if you would like to be part of our Travel section. Please do get in touch if you are interested and perhaps we can meet. Kind Regards Claire

Hi there Claire,

How nice to hear from you. I don’t get any notices of messages I receive on Tumblr, and can’t see when you’ve tried to reach me. I’m sorry if this means I’m getting back to you terribly late.

Thanks so much for the heads up, I would love to hear more about the magazine and be part of it! I hope it is not too late to contribute?

Please contact me with more information at or!

Kind regards,


Yayy, I&#8217;ve got mail! All the way from Taiwan! (Taken with picplz.)

Yayy, I’ve got mail! All the way from Taiwan! (Taken with picplz.)

After yoga snow-hopping (Taken with picplz.)

After yoga snow-hopping (Taken with picplz.)

The sun is out @Waterloo (Taken with picplz.)

The sun is out @Waterloo (Taken with picplz.)