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I’m experimenting a bit with my yoga practice at the moment. I know Bikram is my real thang, but it is good to step out of your ‘comfort’ zone and try new things every now and then. (Like hot meditation, yin yoga or any type of flow.)

So I bought an introductionary pass at the local Moksha yoga studio this week, which I’ll be able to use for one month. I have taken two classes so far, taking it as it is. Trying not to think too much. (Something like: IMISSBIKRAMIMISSBIKRAMIWANTMYBIKRAMIWANTTHAILANDIWANTBIKRAMIWANTWANTWANTIT)

The teacher tonight observed my practice, and commented on it:

'You're back is crazy flexible. What you just did there was sort of scary'

(Mind you - I only got in to Cobra!)

It’s okay to have a gentle practice. To listen to your body. To take it as it goes. But that is exactly what I do when I practice Bikram. And it’ll be exactly what I will be doing again, from next month onward ;) But for now, let’s open those hips and continue to focus on my breath. Less cardio, more stretching and relaxation. 

Say hi to our newly-born!

(I’m going to ignore my lack of blogging - let’s just say I have been busy trying to get used to staying put - instead of having this constant flow ‘where am I and what place is next’ in my head. This is it. Now go and build a life. Yikes! Designing your own life can be pretty frightening, luckily it is pretty damn cool as well. Especially with the right people around you. Or shall I say, the sweetest boyfriend on your side.)


- I got my Canadian Working Visa, or: my letter of invitation, all I need to do is cross the border to get it stamped in to my passport. (I will do that in April, when I’ll be visiting the lovely Affiong in New York) Exciting stuff!

- Snow! Slippery slush! A new jacket! I’m not made for this weather, but I will survive. Hot yoga to the rescue, as ever.

- Flowers of my love for Valentine’s day - oh my! The boy’s a keeper <3

Petra and I have been working on a love-baby over the last couple of months. Today is the day I would love to present to all of you. Don’t hesistate to share this haven with your beloved once, and do let us know what you think. Feedback is much appreciated!

Short notes from up North

1. I am blessed. In love with being in love. Meeting my boy’s friends and having a blast while doing so. Feeling the sun warm my face, no snowstorm to blow me over as of yet. A heart that jumps up and down out of happiness. My life is good.

2. Only 9 more days until Petra and I will launch! Oh my, excitement much? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and stay posted!

My first Kombucha. Tingly! (Taken with picplz.)

My first Kombucha. Tingly! (Taken with picplz.)

Standing head to knee in NYC (Taken with picplz.)

Standing head to knee in NYC (Taken with picplz.)

Life, as it is

Two weeks in The Netherlands. I knew it was going to be short. But that it would fly by like it has?

I think I have been too busy to miss Thailand, too busy to even hear myself think at times. I am enjoying all the things that I am doing and have been doing, but it’s also like I’m living in a bit of a bubble.

It’s called: ‘Everything before life in Canada begins’.

Being with Ash, moving to North America, has been on my mind for so many months…that it is hard to live in the present moment at times. I don’t forget to ‘be’, but I do notice it is about time I get my ass over there. There’s a thin line between ‘long’ and ‘too long’, and I’m not sure when/where you cross it..

I am staying with lovely Petra and her boyfriend, Marcel, at the moment. We have been working on our new project, that makes us jump up and down around the room at times. It is such an awesome feeling to tap straight in to your own passion. Even more so when you get to do it together with the sweetest bestie on the globe.

Two more days, and I’ll fly to New York. I’m still not sure how much time I will be spending there, since Ash want to visit the city in February. (And it’ll be way nicer to go together, nay?) We’ll see, I sort of like the excitement of arranging stuff at the very last moment (not that I have had a lot of time to sort stuff out anyways), trusting the universe to throw cool stuff at me.

I am very grateful. For being able to spend loads of time with my mum. For taking time to sort out my stuff and arrange what ‘needs to be arranged’. For getting to stay with her and her boyfriend, seeing his house for the very first time. For sitting next to mum, while she talks to Ash on Skype - for the very first time, and see both of them love it. Happy tingles. For meeting up with my brother and getting to know his world a little bit, again. For the phone-call of my auntie yesterday (I know you are reading this, now), that moved me deeply. For everything that I have put in my backpack, and I’m not just talking material here.

There is not enough time to pay a visit to everybody I would want to see, but I feel a great and strong connection with all of you out there. It might just be love. Being (more) at ease with myself. I hope you get some sparkles out of that as well, far - or closer by.

I’ll keep you guys posted about everything I’m doing, over here, as usual. We’re planning to release our new website on Valentine’s day, so stay put for that.

And where it comes to meeting up… I’ll be back. Some day. (I’ll need a new passport next year ;) Or you can just come my way, KLM Werelddeal weken ftw - 499 euro to get to Toronto, anyone?)

It’s just me, my mum, the beach and a chilly wind (and, okay, fair enough, a very nice wintery sun) these days.

I miss my yoga. My body misses my yoga even more. (‘Why do you go from two classes a day to zero? What are you doing to me!’)

I’m trying not to think about where I was, just one week ago. What I had over there. I focus on the here and now, and make the best of it. So far, so good. No tears, no attempts to fly back. (I know what/who’s waiting elsewhere <3)

I’m without internet at the moment, besides some visits to wi-fi hotspots to quickly arrange what needs to be arranged. I think it is good for me, not to fully jump back in to ‘everything’ straight ahead. Spend some downtown with mum, catching up (we’re laughing so much, I sort of forgot how hilarious she is!), buying winter clothes, walking along the shore, clearing my storage-box, etc.

It’s good to spend this time together, one-on-one, slowly getting used to being back. Observing how I’ve changed, how it feels to be back, what I’ve learned.

So, for now. Hello all, I’m back (or gone, depending on where you are at). I will re-connect in a while, for now… I feel like I’m up in the air, not sure when or where I will arrive and put my feet on solid ground. Canada is not far way now, can’t wait!

Just one week ago, in Rayong Thailand. Now, I&#8217;m letting the wind carry me (blow,me over) @ Egmond aan zee, The Netherlands. So far, so good. Score: Lovvveee being with mum, weather is doable (though my body hates me right now!) &amp; miss yoga loads. (Taken with picplz.)

Just one week ago, in Rayong Thailand. Now, I’m letting the wind carry me (blow,me over) @ Egmond aan zee, The Netherlands. So far, so good. Score: Lovvveee being with mum, weather is doable (though my body hates me right now!) & miss yoga loads. (Taken with picplz.)

Sudden realisation

In one week, I will be walking around somewhere in North-Holland.

Which means as much as: if I meet people, I will actually have to shake their hands!

Omgiddypants, no more nodding heads or a charming wai? (I’m curious how often I’ll be tempted to greet people with ‘Sawasdee Ka’, I struggled with that every time I left Thailand..)

This is going to be confusing!